New Listing 2011


We have two homes located inside the walls and lockable doors of a single compound. Making these homes great for families and couples alike.

One Bedroom Unit: This unit is located in the front of the compound with the main terrace facing West. There is a private entrance to enter the compound that can be used just by the people renting this unit. We often like to sit on the main terrace and watch the sun set into the ocean. It is one of the most beautiful sun sets you will ever see!
Studio Unit: Located at the rear of the compound and a little to the left of the One Bedroom Unit, the Studio Unit also offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Find a ladder and climb onto the roof you will not be disappointed in the view. There is also a private entrance for this unit and a private terraced area just to the right of the front door, as you come out.

Sharing Space: We do not rent out both units to people that do not know each other without consent from the person who rented first. Should the original party not mind sharing the space we offer a 15% discount to both parties.

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New Listing 2011

   Few places so perfectly preserve the ideal of the classic white Greek island village the way Kastro, Sifnos does – no cars, no development, no cheap hotels – just pristine 14th century architecture, and a maze of narrow lanes that all end in spectacular views over the clear Aegean.     It's said that the Renaissance began when scholars discovered ancient Greek texts in Constantinople, reigniting the study of science and mathematics in Europe. Kastro, on Sifnos, is an opportunity to visit that very moment in the history of the Western world, because Kastro is a Venetian outpost, part of the trading network that connected Venice with Constantinople, during the 12th 13th and 14th centuries.       Our house, just inside the town's main gate, sits at the very heart of this astonishingly preserved architectural monument. To lovers of history, it is breath-taking, to students of architecture it is an endless source of fascination. To anyone wanting to spend a quiet couple of weeks, soaking up the sun, and swimming in crystal blue water against a backdrop of unique beauty, it is absolutely perfect.     The ingeneous 14th century building design uses metre thick walls  to insulate and natural convection currents to keep the house cool on the hotest days.  Deep window and door alcoves trap the brilliant Aegean light to spectacular effect.     To see the house click thumbnail below.

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