Eating and Drinking

There are many wonderful places that you can dine at in the Hamptons and Fire Island. I'll talk about a couple of them that are still fresh on my mind. One of my favorite places to chow is at Rowdy Hall its located in East Hampton next to the movie theater and down a side street. The atmosphere is very relaxed as so are the prices. They have two things on the menu that I can't get enough of. The Hamburger I know its basic but the buns are the tastiest I've ever had there seeded and so, so soft (sounds kind of erotic). The burger which is large and extremely tasty, comes with onion, lettuce, tomato and a healthy order of hearty fries. The second thing that I love are the mussels. There steamed in a white wine creamy buttery kind of sauce that is out of this world. I wish they just sold the sauce separately but they don't. It's served with crusty french bread that is great for dunking. Some times i'll just order the mussels and go through two loves of bread myself. They also have other things on the menu like salmon which looks great but I haven't' tried since I got stuck on the burgers and mussels. Rowdy Hall is a great place to take your house and it won't clean you out like some other places.

One spot that I love is Cyril's Fish house located on route 27 going toward Montauk on the left. Cyril the owner is quite the character and looks like he is constantly getting over a hang over. He wears a sarong (wrap around skirt) and usually has a cowboy hat and a smoke in one hand. Cyril's is an indoor outdoor type of restaurant that looks like something out of Robinson Caruso. The atmosphere is very relaxed and they have the most happening happy hour around. Most people go after a long day at the beach around 5-6pm. If you are looking for quiet don't show up at this time because it is packed. Happy hour is a great place to mingle and hook up with other houses. There signature drink is a frozen concoction that their famous for, called BBC(Banana, Baileys and Cream) you can have it with a rum floater for an extra two dollars. Two of these and your hammered. The seafood at Cyrils is also good and fresh and moderately priced. They serve their entrees on paper plates (they say it saves the ecology). I personally like ordering the Blackened swordfish sandwich with crinkle cut fries and cole slaw. They also have good appetizers like fried calamari, coconut shrimp and oysters.

If you go and I hope you do please say hi to Cyril and tell him that you know me. He won't know who the hell I am but he will be delighted to speak with you and give you his special up and down hand motion.

Another must try is Turtle Crossing, located between East Hampton and Amagansette on route 27 going east. Turtle Crossing has the best Southwestern BBQ cuisine I've had in a long time. The atmosphere is very friendly and they welcome large parties. I don't know how they make there BBQ but when ever I eat there it makes me want to head out west. I love the pulled pork sandwich with pickles (not very kosher). They also have tasty corn bread that comes with most meals. And if you like chili, try theirs it is made with huge chunks of beef that gives it a really hearty consistency. Have the pulled pork sandwich a beer and a side of chili and your in heaven. They also have a full take out menu and children's portions for the kids.

If you ever make it to Montauk please visit the Shagwong, I know it sounds like something out of Austin Powers but it's well worth the trip. The Shagwong, I think it's a ship name is located in the town of Montauk right on route 27 (It seems like everything is on route 27). It's a restaurant/bar. The Shagwong is kind of like an Irish bar with good food.

One summer me and a buddy of mine went there three nights in a row because it was the only thing opened late. I usually order the junior steak with fries and veggies. The junior as I call it, is only available after ten on the bar menu but sometimes they'll give it to you early if you ask for it. The shagwong is also a cool place to bring your house and hang out at on a friday and saturday night. The DJ or whatever he is, is hilarious I can't quite understand him and when they close he says about twenty times in a row the Shagwong is now closing. For some reason the way he says it strikes me funny. Anyway the seafood their is also very good and fresh, hey it's Montauk it better be. I've had the salmon steak but I can't remember what it came with. If you looking for a good time and don't want a teenager crowd the Shagwong is a sure bet.

After the Shagwong I like to go if to a place called the Memory Motel. The Memory is famous cause the Stones wrote a song about it. (Its just a Memory) Maybe it doesn't sound right cause Im typing it. I love the Memory. There is usually no cover unless it is during the high season then its only 5 dollars to get in. The Memory is a big open room, a real dive with a band and a bar and that's it. Jason the Bartender(who is also a friend of mine I used to work with him at the East Hampton Star) is really cool. Tell him you know aaron, he will remember me I hope. The music is loud and you can expect a good rowdy crowd from young Irish kids to middle aged men trying to relive their youth. I've left there many nights drunk and disoriented and had to walk it off on the beach before I got back in my car. The Memory is a must.
A place that I've never had a bad time at. Once you spend a night there you'll remember why it's just a memory.

If you want simple tasty and fresh seafood Dureays is the spot. Dureays is located in Montauk just past the last stop on the Long Island Railroad. Most people go there to dine and watch the amazing sunsets (Its outside of coarse) but I just go there for the huge portions of seafood that they serve. Dureays is very basic you can get steamed lobster, Swordfish and real tasty new england clam chowder a must if it's a little chilly out. They don't serve alcohol so bring your own. Oh and before I forget to mention there's no wait staff they give you a beeper that you bring to your table that lights up and buzzes when your orders ready to be picked up.

A couple of summers ago I had a girlfriend that made me take her to Dureays all the time she used to say in her cute little voice Aaaaron I'm starving and I want to go to Dureay's. So please don't make your girlfriend beg please take her there it's a great date restaurant.

There are so many other restaurants that I love but there not paying me to endorse them (just kidding).
If you have any places that you think are fab please share them with all our hungry summersharehouse readers. Bon Appetite!