How to find a great share

There are a couple of ways to find a good share house first of all you should research many
different houses and don't sign up for the first house you see. 

There  are a couple of ways to find shares
Ask your friends to see if they know anyone who has done a share in the past and can recommend a house, this is the best way.

If you don't know anyone that has done a share then there are a couple of other options.

Search google for shares type in the area you want to do a share in like (Hamptons share house, Fire Island Share House, The Jersey Shore Share House were ever your looking at).

There are also specific websites you can look at. is a big one and lists alot of shares starting in January go to the vacation section in New York City and Jersey and just scroll down or do a sub search for share houses, they usually have pictures and a contact ph number and email.

Also my site of course there are plenty of houses to choose from and you can contact the owners directly.

There are also a few key things you should do when looking for a share house

1- know the age group you are interested in if your in your 20's you should probably find a house that in there twenty you dont want to be stuck in a 40 year old house and there are plenty out there and vice versa if your in your 30's and 40s you don't want to be in a 20 year old house.

2-Always meet with the houses be fore you send money or sign up for a share, usually the houses will have a bar nights where they recruit people ask them when and where they are. Summershare house also has some events starting in Feb that showcases around 15-20 houses so you can do a one stop shopping kind of thing just keep checking the site

I think the most important thing when you meet these people is do you have a good feeling about them, meaning is there a connection remember your going to spend the whole summer or at least half the summer and you want to feel comfortable right of the bat. Also ask a lot of questions dont be shy thats what your meeting these people for. Ask what's the price and are there any hidden fees such as maid, food, supplies.

Also what's the mood of the house do they like to party a lot and go out together or are they more low key. If your looking for a low key house make sure there not party animals which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Also ask what's the ratio of men to women believe it or not to many women is a bad thing you kind of want an even mix if you can find it or at least a 60/40 mix women/men. Share houses traditionally fill up with women first so don't be alarmed.

Is the house clean and what are the amenities is there a pool and how accesible is it everything meaning do you need a car or are things in walking distance (you don't want to be stuck or stranded with out a ride)usually people are friendly and once you join a share you will have a ride but it doesnt hurt to ask.

Also very important is there a guest fee and how much is it and can you use the house during the week (usually houses will allow you to come out during the week a couple of times over the summer provided you let them know in advance don't crash)

As far a lodging you usually have to share a room with someone else hence the name share house but from my experience make sure there are no more than three people in a room 2 is the best senario and make sure you get to meet your new roomate/s before you sign up. If your doing a house with a friend even better share a room together.

Prices can very for different share houses the newer the house and if they have a pool the prices are usually a bit higher but in this recession I assume they will be discounted this year. Also location if your house is in a great area and close to the beach I think this is worth forgoing some fancier ammenities (but thats up too you) prices can range from 1000-4000 dollars

Shares are usually broken in to the amount of weekends 1/4 share 4 weekends 1/2 share 8 weekends and full share every weekend
I think a good price for a 1/2 share is 2000-2500 dollars

This might seem like a lot to absorb but share houses are a great way too meet new people (don'houset be afraid to do one alone too, you will be thrown into the mix and will usually make some friends right away).

If you have any other questions feel free to ask