Why we're here?

Coming back from the Hampton's one weekend on the Long Island Railroad I felt a little sad and although it was a beautiful weekend and all my house mates showed up it felt like something was missing.

It was a another busy August weekend and all I really wanted to do was meet some new people. I also felt like I wasn't getting the most out of my weekend and wanted to know where different events were happening.

So it hit me, I thought why not create a website that connects people and familys who have similar interests. A site that could provide information on where to go, where to meet and where to find houses to rent. Hence summersharehouse.com was born.

Since we launched Summersharehouse.com in 2001 we have expanded into different areas including the Catskills, Rhode Island and even Maine. There is now a guide on where to shop, dine and have fun. 

Recently we added a new feature to summersharehouse.com called wintersharehouse.com for people who are interested in ski houses as well as winter get-a-ways.

Our goal is to introduce family share houses in other areas not just beach communities, so that getting away can become an affordable and rewarding experience for all.

Thank you for visiting summersharehouse.com. We respect your ideas and suggestions. If there is anything you would like to see or post please contact us at suggestions@summersharehouse.com and we would be happy to do it.

Let's all have a fun and interesting summer.

Hope to see you on the beach!