New Listing 2015

Ocean Bay Park-Fire Island

ocean bay share house

occean bay share house

ocean bay share house

ocean bay fire island

ocean bay

We are a fun laid back couple to rent from. We have a great extra bdrm in this 2 bdrm house.

Great sunsets from high deck. We have all amenities just bring your "flip flops," coffee pot always on. cold drinks in refrig at all times. bbq, satellite tv, bikes, coolers, beach chairs, walking distance to other towns. near market, bars, restaurants, beach and ferry. This room has two twin beds that can be pushed together or kept apart. Great for single, couple, friends, Offering 1/2 and full shares. Please contact nancy at 917 750 3440

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New Listing 2014
a great group and fun house




Only a few shares left in this amazing Ocean Beach Share House.  We are a group of professional men and women ages 40+ ranging from athletic types who jog, ride bikes, play tennis, volleyball and basketball, to beach bums who love to soak up the sun, read and play Scrabble.  We have people who love the night life and early risers who love the beach.....we all live together in respectful harmony enjoying delicious group dinners (we have some great chefs) and fun conversation in an idyllic summer camp 
for grown-ups setting.  Staples, weekday time and utilities are included in the low fees.
Seaview share house on Ocean Beach border combines the quiet and beauty of Seaview (and its liberal beach laws) with the excitement of town and all of its activities... just minutes away from both.  We have rented the same house for many years and have a great reputation (gets us invited to all of the parties).  The house has old world charm with beautiful wood built-ins, working fireplace, screened-in front porch, large 
bedrooms, amazing roof deck, backyard, outdoor shower as well as a totally renovated 
modern kitchen with all modern conveniences and amenities.
Working fireplace
Expansive Screened Front Porch
Large Roof Deck
6 bedrooms, no more than 2 people per bedroom
Huge Modern Kitchen with New Appliances
Recently purchased full sized spring mattresses
Satellite TV
Outdoor Shower
Stereo/ipod link
House Linens
Beach Chairs
Washer/ Dryer

Share Dates:
A:  5-23 (Memorial Day), 6/13, 7/11, 8/1, 8/22, 9/5 (sold out for women)
B:  5-30, 6-20, 7-4 (July 4th), 7-25, 8-15, 9-12 (sold out for men)
C:  5-16, 6-6, 6-27, 7-18, 8-8, 8-29 (Labor Day)

All Shares get one holiday weekend, 5 additional weekends and 2 weeks of weekday time for only $1,695!

Jerry: (917) 733-4920                              Paula:

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Summer Share 2014 - Redefined.

The Next Generation in Summer Shares!
Who says you can't have it all?

This summer we will be going away for 14 weekends to 4 different destinations all a part of 1 Summer Share! 
You get to pick exactly WHERE you want to go, WHEN you want and HOW many times! We're putting all the power and choices in your hands, so don't mess up the opportunity to the have the best summer of your life :)  
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We will be taking you to Club Getaway, Atlantic City, Fire Island and The Hamptons.
It's been a long winter, so to be fair we're making it a long summer! We're launching the Summer 2014 Season on the weekend of April 25th at Revel in Atlantic City complete with multiple heated indoor pools, casinos, clubs and restaurants. We're not ending the season until October 10th for Club Getaway's renowned Fall Finale weekend.  
Early sign-up pricing in effect through Thursday's event! The earlier you join, the less it costs. Price will go up each week until we fill up all the weekends.
Furious young woman screaming
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What you don't want!

You DON'T WANT just a random group of people. You DON'T WANT to go away by yourself or try to convince friends to all agree on when and where to go. You DON'T WANT to sit around all weekend trying to figure out what to do for fun. 
And, finally, you DON'T WANT to be pulling your hair out and screaming like the women featured here because of 'vacation aggravation' :)

What you do want!
You DO WANT to just call and pick 2, 4, 6, or 8 pre-planned, pre-packaged, social weekend getaways at the top destinations in the tri-state area including, but not limited to, Club Getaway, a Fire Island beach house, a Hamptons Hotel and a top Atlantic City Mega-Hotel!
The ONE most important thing that makes our vacations different
Selectivity. Carefully picking the people who are invited to join each trip is the MOST important factor in any weekend vacation.
Wherever we go, whatever we do, WHO you do it with it trumps all other factors :)
Attend an event to be invited to join our group.

Yes, we're serious about meeting and knowing everyone who will be with 
us this summer! 


We're hiring.
We are currently hiring weekend staff to help host our trips. If you're really good with people, athletic, outgoing and have a special skill such as: massage therapy, trapeze artist, martial arts trainer, wine connoisseur, water skiing expert or anything else that others would find interesting.
Please attend Thursday's event for the social skills assessment stage of the interview process :)  
What is, Inc?, Inc. is the leading social and professional networking company in the New York City area, with over 150,000 members and ten years of experience hosting events and vacations for upscale professionals.

Our social events are geared towards trendy partygoers who know how to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer, while our business events are geared towards successful professionals looking to expand their networks.

Our vacations cater to professionals who want to kick back, relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives.

You can always call David directly at 212-579-4844 for more info, to inquire about working on the growing team at, to suggest ideas for new events & vacations or discuss opportunities for your own business to partner with us 

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New Listing 2012



This is a beachfront home. It is directly on the beach, you walk out the back door, and you are on the beach. You can see the ocean from every room!:) you can hear the ocean and waves from every room if you want to open the windows. It is very cool and breezy always, even in the middle of the summer, because it's directly on the water. AC is provided, but most guests don't use it much and just leave the windows open so they can relax and fall asleep to the sound of the waves:)

contact Aaron



Hi! Thanks for checking us out. Please be in touch ASAP if you are interested as we only have
12 people in our house in each "share" (weekend). Thanks! Serena

917. 592. 6605 or

Our website: 

HOUSE (renovated in May 2007) INCLUDES:

6 Bedrooms (either a Full Bed - or - two Single Beds in each room)
New pillows, sheets, comforters & blankets (all purchased in May 2007)
Ceiling fans in every room
2 Bathrooms with excellent water pressure in showers
1 Outdoor shower (also with excellent water pressure)
Shampoos, Conditioners,  Face Wash, Lotion, Sunblock, Aloe, Body Washes, etc. in bathrooms
Bathroom towels
Beaching towels
Paper towels and toilette paper
Surfboards (3)
Bikes (3)
TV's with Direct TV, DVD & VCR players (2 of each)
Board Game, Book, DVD & VHS Library
CD Players (and CD's)
iPod Players (one stationary and one that travels to beach with us)
Wireless Internet
Coolers (rarely packed b/c beach is SO close) for beaching
Blenders (2), Coffee Makers (2), Microwaves (2), all cooking & serving utensils, glassware
BBQ's on each patio (house has one raised and another at ground level) with a table and chairs for up to 14 people
Washer/dryer room
Maid Service keeps house & linens clean for you
Storage; you can leave running shoes, swimsuits, whatever.



1st weekend = Snack Off. Everyone brings his/her favorite snack to share. We’ll all meet, greet, eat… in that order. Dinner after snacks are presented. You’ll be judged by your snack contribution. Heads up! ;-)
2nd weekend = House Olympics. We’ll break up into two teams and hit the beach for sillyfun games. Beijing… schmeijing!
3rd weekend = Wig OUT. Yes, again with the wigs – but this time we’re going out. We’ll totally pre-party before hitting Flynn’s for a (strange-but-fun) family style dinner and dancing.
4th weekend = Luau Y’all. Alohaaaaa! Rum cocktails, grass skirts, island music and alohalicious grilling will round us out.


Meal plan: We have dinner as a house on Friday nights (I cook). We keep a stocked kitchen with organic milks, healthy and unhealthy snacks, beer, wine, alcohol, sandwich fixings and whatever else we want for the rest of the weekend. I tally the costs on Sunday afternoon and we divide up the bill by however many people are in the house. Our priciest weekend was $40 last year – and that was a 3 day holiday weekend (and ALL home cooked or grilled meals). Our costs will be offset by guest fees this year.

Guests: You are welcome to bring a guest. We make room for up to 2 guests a weekend - they sleep on the futon or couch in one of the living rooms. Their spot is reserved when their fee is paid. Guest fees will go towards our house meals and drinks. For example; if our food & bev pool total is $325 and we’ve got 1 guest who paid $200 to be there… then I’ll put their fee into our pool and we’ll all split the leftover $125. If we have $400 in guest fees then no one pays “extra” for our food & bev total. Hollaaaaaaa.


New Listing 2012

20 Seneca, OBP, Fire Island

On the corner of Seneca and Midway, Ocean Bay Park, this 4 bedroom, 2 bath home on Fire Island is steps from the bay, ferry, or BEACH and no more than 2 blocks from 3 bars and 2 hotels. Your new home includes 4 bedroom (sleeps 10), 1 1/2 bath and outdoor shower, d/w, w/d, a/c. and

Contact us at

New Listing 2011

Kosher Summer House For Rental in Fire Island Summer 2007

Our family will be running a Kosher Summer share house for singles and young couples in Fire Island next summer.

We will also be renting out the house during the M-F Midweeks (mid week is M-F). Note: The weekend shares will NOT include Midweek access for the most part, but will be priced very reasonably.

The 4 bedroom house is 4 blocks from the Fire Island Minyan, 1.5 blocks from the beach, 1 block from a private park with life guarded bay and baby pool. Details to follow. Please contact Avi Spielman at if interested. Prices, photos, and details to all be available on a website soon.

The house is in Ocean Bay park on the border of Seaview.

2 Bayview Avenue at Superior

Contact "Allan ((Avi)) Spielman"