picture-6.pngShare House Mantra

I am very happy to have a blog.

Its about time share houses can start talking with each other online and share the experiences that we have. If you know of any cool things to do while you are away this past weekend please share them with your fellow share houses friends.

Maybe you would like to offer someone a ride or cant make it out to your destination this weekend and would like to offer a bed to a less fortunate.... friend.

Lets make this a great summer to remember.

All your comments and thoughts are appreciated


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  1. Aaron Says:

    share house share houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare houseshare house

  2. aaronm Says:

    Looks like a rainy day today I hope the weather is good this weekend

  3. aaronm Says:

    This past weekend the weather sucked but Sunday was beautiful. I got to know my house mates a little better and hung out a lot in Montauk. Boy do I love Montauk. If I had a million or two I would buy a shack to go to.

    I went to an open house and basically thats what you get for a million. Any way I dont sound bitter do I. I hung out at Nicks in Montauk they have an open bar and dancing. And I saw the Movie grey gardens on Saturday it put me to sleep.

    Please Please Please bay please I would love to hear some comments from my extended share house family

  4. aaronm Says:

    Still tired from the weekend when you get to my age going out till 4am is a killer.

    I like to push it to the max Friday Night 4am, Sat night 4am Sunday night an early night 3:30 am the wake up early Monday morning 7am 3 hours sleep drive to NYC almost fall asleep behind the wheel_park car and rush to work. Thats living-But now Im dying Tuesday at work and still exhausted.

    Thank god Im taking a break this weekend maybe I will spend it at Beth Isreal recuperating.

    Maybe I have the serious Peter Pan syndrome. (refusal to grow up)

    Talk to you soon


  5. Danny Says:

    Hey Aaron! Who are these HOT chicks? Man you got it made! Danny

  6. aaronm Says:

    There all my girlfriends NOTTTTTT?

    They could be if they just stepped up to the plate.

  7. aaronm Says:

    Anybody out there-Tomorrow is Friday thank god Im heading out east once a gain. Does that drive to Amagansett seem longet every year. The first leg of the trip isnt so bad on the infamous LIE. to exit 70 then it starts to feel long. They say getting there is half the fun well I tend to dissagree.

  8. aaronm Says:


    Somebody was offended in my share house about the picture of the three girls an the front of the blog. Hey its just a picture it doesn’t mean anything.

    I just thought it would be fun to have a swanky shot that’s all. If anybody has some pics they would like to add please do, email them to me.

    Its funny how a simple picture can create so much controversey.

  9. aaronm Says:

    Lets make this the hottest summer wedsite there is

    Any singles out there email us your info and dont for get to include a photo and we will be happy to post you its absolutely free and you might meet that significant other. Hey you never know

    Sign up today

  10. aaronm Says:

    I love Montauk. If any one is interested in surfing Ditch Plains has the best surfing for out there just go through the town of Montauk its about a mile out.

    Make a right on ditch plains road and head for the ocean. You cant park there unless you have a permit but I usually park a couple of blocks away on a local road.

    Check it out even if you dont surf. Theres also a great food shack there called the Ditch Witch. Google it “Ditch Witch Montauk” They have the best food and are very reasonable.

  11. aaronm Says:

    July 4th coming up

    Why the hell is the 4th on weds

    What a drag most companies are making you work Monday so if you have palns for the weekend before the 4th you have to come back for 1 lousy day to show your face and then return to where you came from.

    Hey The Hamptons is only 6 hrs away with traffic and all.

    I think they should celebrat the 4th on the 6th do we really care if its on the 4th in the middle of the week.

    Anyway if anyoe would like to buy me the ipone it comes out this Friday incase you havent heard

  12. rebecca Says:

    I wasn’t offended by the photo, just thought it was a bit of “false advertising”!

  13. Amanda Says:

    I think your site is so cool. I have found my house on it the last 2 years.

    Keep up the good work……

    YOU ROCK :)

  14. chris Says:

    thanks for the invite aaron…i had a great time- the dinner party, hanging out on the beach, going to montauk - but i think the highlight of the weekend was talking jive with jessica and liz…i haven’t laughed that hard while talking so much shit in a long time

  15. Danny Says:

    Hey is one of those girls in the picture Paris Hilton?

  16. Danny Says:

    Any cool parties going on this weekend

    Hamptons or Fire Island?

  17. Allison Says:

    Im headed out for the 4th to east hampton and I was wondering if anybody could offer me a ride say about 6pm This Friday.

    I will happily split the gas.

  18. Larry Says:

    The 4th of July is crazy, Shares houses are packed and theres no where to sleep. People come on there off weekends and all the places are crowded.

    So stay away if its not your weekend. There are plenty of weekends left in the summe that are not so crowded

  19. Aaron Monet Says:

    Well it feels like summer July 4th is here. For me it feels like the half way mark.

    What beautiful weather were having a little chilly but nice and dry. The iphone is out and im over it already. It’s like a block buster movie if you dont see it right away it looses its appeal. Obviously im not really over the ipone because im still talking about it. Hey 600 dollars is a hard (cell)

    I hope every one is having a great 4th please leave your comments we would all love to hear them


  20. Aaron Monet Says:

    If your away for the weekend then you must attend some parties if you can. Parties are a great way too meet new people and break out of your shell if your shy.

    Theres nothing better than being outside and having a drink and shooting the breeze. I find that for the couple of hours that your at a party you totally forget about all the personal problems that you might have.

    The best way to find out about a party ofcourse is to be invited the otherbest way is word of mouth. If your not hearing anything then ask around believe it or not it works.

    So lets all leave our inabitions and problems behind and do a littly parting this summer.

  21. Justin Says:

    Can anyone tell me of some cool parties going on this weekend out east?

  22. Havier Says:

    Yo Yo,

    Had an awesome time in the hamptons this weekend. Went to a bbq with hot girlyz. Swam in the pool and chilled. Very relaxing and fun!!!

    Can’t wait till next week.

  23. The spy Says:

    Hey big man,

    I see all and hear all.

  24. Carrie Says:

    so someone was offended by the photo of 3 girls - aren’t there 4 girls in the photo?

  25. Danielle Says:

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  26. David Venstra Says:

    Great Old Share House
    If a spot is available in this house grab it. This share house was started in 1992 and has been passed down as folks got older, married, families, older and or moved. I co ran the house from 1995-1999, and met my wife in Amagansett the last year I ran it. My co runner meet his wife in the house and they were married in 2007. In 2001 I moved to Santa Fe, NM so I am no longer involved, except by keeping in contact with old friends and have visited NYC twice since moving and have stayed there both times during the week (no not there on the weekends, fear not) with my family (so I have no hidden agenda in saying the place is great).
    I loved this place from the moment I walked through the door. Parts of it are 200 years old and it has lots of charm and a distinct personality. 99% of people love it, but those who like polished, chic, and fancy will not. We had many fun parties over the years and I met more folks through the house than in NYC. Running a house has it’s highs and lows, but as a member and runner I had more fun here than almost anywhere in my life. The location is great and I found the backyard a bit magical (a combination of the huge 100 year old walnut tree, late day light, and the friends sitting on the back porch).
    One of the reasons I am writing is to introduce the concept of share blogs so others write about their share houses, good or bad, as well as posting interesting summer stories. I am sure it would be very useful in selecting a house, or good for some some laughs, or as the starting point for the next reality TV show based on a house with good stories found here. Many cheers to this house, the friends and great memories it enabled (nostalgic view, corny but true. For those currently in any share house I look forward to your horny but true posts, rants, laughs, and loves. Let the fun begin.). David.